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'''Christian Nephi Anderson''' (January 22, 1865 – January 6, 1923) was a prolific Latter Day Saint|LDS author and the most well-known from the "LDS fiction#Home literature.2C 1880.E2.80.931930|Home Literature" period of LDS fiction. His most successful work was his first novel, ''Added Upon'' (1898), but his writing career also included short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. He published a total of ten novels.
Birth date{{Birth date|1865|1|22|mf=y}}
Birth placeChristiania, Norway|Christiania, Norway
Death date{{death date and age|1923|1|6|1865|1|22|mf=y}}
Death placeSalt Lake City, Utah, United States
OccupationEducator, author, genealogist
NationalityNorwegian people|Norwegian
Period1889 - 1923
MovementLDS fiction, Home Literature
Notableworks''Added Upon'', ''Dorian''
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